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Water Proofing - We offer Fiber Reinforced Polymer based water proofing services to arrest the leakage, dampness, corrosion and to act as heat resistant. This technology is used for "Go Green" as it reduces the temperature which in turn helps in reducing the power consumption. This method of water proofing is widely adopted for terrace gardening as it prevents any damage to the building. The FRP is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The polymer is usually an unsaturated polyester general purpose resin. The chopped strand mat is used in densities according to the requirement. The accelerator which is cobalt octate 2% is used as a single drier. It is active and most widely used hardener along with catalyst to thicken the FRP coating.


The evolution of FRP in water proofing has made the maintenance of the Structure damages caused by dampness/Corrosion and Heavy Use, much easier and reliable. This technology is widely accepted in Europe and Japan mainly because of durability and maintenance free on civil engineering.


The FRP can be used in Side Wall /Cladding/Terrace/Roofing/Flooring/Partitions/Head Room/Over Head Water Tank/Sump/Corrugated Metal Sheets and Doors. This technology is also used for coating the side walls and buildings close to the sea shore including Gates/Doors. This prevents the buildings from getting affected by corrosion through sea breeze. The FRP Coating is also used in HVAC plant to prevent corrosion of pipe lines.


Fabrication - We design and erect roof top sheds,high roof sheds and corrugated sheds using best quality roofing sheets made of GI/GL. Our fabrication also includes designing and installation of polycarbonate sheets and fiber sheets in the erected steel structures.The sheds we design can be completely dismantled as and when required and erected in an different location. We use quality steel for the erection of the metal sheets.

We are also specialised in designing and installation of head room ventilators using Fiber to allow the sunlight to pass through. We also undertake turbo vent installation and ensure the leakages are arrested using FRP. We design, create and install leuvers made of SS/MS/GI for OTIS as per clients' requirements.   



Our recruitment services include, clear understanding of the requirements, sourcing the right candidate who would best suit the requirement thereby satisfying both the clients and the candidates. We provide recruitment service for PAN India for all levels. We adopt various methods of sourcing which includes, job portals, head hunting, SMS campaigning, recruitment drives,etc,. to arrive at the most suitable profile. We also do the intial screening of the candidate over the phone or in person as per the client's requirements. 



We identify the candidates who are trainable and provide them soft skills training and training on personality development to improve their communication skills. Training on basic MS Office, email etiquettes, etc,. will be provided for freshers based on their requests. Getting them "Work Ready" boosts the confidence level of the candidates, thereby fetching efficient employees for the clients.